Tommy Cash in 2019

Tommy Cash is an Estonian rapper who went viral on Youtube and Social Networks in 2016 with his far-from-conventional video Winaloto. The 27-year-old musician stepped in the spotlight through the post-Soviet rap genre, which is a complicated label as it deals with the concept of otherness; plus, it also focuses on street culture and a blue-collar sensitivity among other things.

Apart from his unconventional music and video clips style, Tommy has also created an irreverent clothing line named Kanye East, one that is already supported by Vogue. This new role in the fashion industry through each sweater, shirt, set of pans, etc., conveys what Vogue magazine describes as “Slavic spoofs on American pop-culture obsessions”.

Going back to his music and video clips, all of them makes the audience wonder in each sequence up until the end. The combination of a tribute or salute to his favorite filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky-as in Winalote-, the guttural voice featuring Marilyn Manson and perhaps some of the Nirvana jam in his video Surf makes his audience either adore him and elevate him on a genius scale or feel disgusted for his upfront and unnecessary display of crude sex innuendos. In other words, either you love him or feel disgusted by him.

Upcoming Engagements and Concerts for Tommy Cash this year

Tommy Cash has had a busy schedule this year as he is performing in several countries around the world; to continue that agenda the months to come are also heavy charged with many more concerts around the globe.

1.    The nearest one to come will be on Nos Primavera Sound Festival on June 6th in Porto, Portugal. This international festival hosts artists of such as standing as Interpol, J Balvin, Solange, Rosalía, Nina Kraviz and more.

2.    In addition, on June 26, Tommy will be performing in the Aerodrome Festival in the Sky showing a set of unprecedented dance creations and his songs from the album Euroz Dollaz Yeniz from 2014 and his next to a dozen famous singles released since then.

3.    On July 19th, the artist will have another concert on the Electric Castle Festival in Rumania. This annual festival combines music, technology, and alternative arts. As for music genres on the many shows, there is a colorful diversity, from rock, indie, hip hop, and reggae.

4.    The very next month in July Tommy would be performing in Dour Festival 2019 in Belgium, where many artists come together to entertain thousands of fans of all Europe. In this festival, artists and bands as Cypress Hill, and Vince Staples. This is a five-day festival, with over 200 artists and performance across several genres.

5.    On May 5th and September 15th, Tommy Cash will attend an exhibition in Kumu Art Museum in Tallinn, Estonia, along with the American Fashion designer Rick Owens. There, videos such as Pussy Money Weed and also some new works will be publicly available for the audience to see and comment. In addition, in September fourth, Tommy Cash will also perform in the Outlook Festival on September 4th this year.

Tommy Cash, an interesting look on what the East has to offer

It is hard to believe that a place with only 1 million inhabitants like Estonia could have produced one of the most interesting and versatile music artist out there, producing innovative and at the same time provocative works such as Tommy Cash, the Estonian rapper started slow, making some collaborations from here to there, but he has been steadily rising as a full force on new and captivating work and no one seems to have missed it.

Tommy Cash has succeeded in which most fail, he has captured our attention, like lesbiche does in countries like Italy, whatever thing he releases we are eager to find it and listen or watch it, even now that he has released a new line of merch, everyone can not wait to get their hands on some of that stuff, even the name he is using to sell that merch is as controversial as his own work, he has proclaimed himself as THE Kanye East, and using that which is a clear reference to his colleague, rapper Kanye West a lot of his fans might have chuckled when seeing the merch but what is surprising is that he will sell out all of that merch, his fans are eager to own a unique and some kind of troll-ish garment designed by the Estonian rapper.

An artist on disguise

You might even have seen his work but never realized, his videos are so viral that you could even find some porn videos from cam4 produced from small parts from his videos, without doubt he finds artists as controversial as him and finds a way to make working with them an easy match, producing work so captivating and revolting that it is bound to come up on the news, his visual work might be grotesque even NSFW but it’s been defined as modern art and as crazy as he is.

Some might not understand it, and it will definitely leave you scratching your head but I think that is what he wants, he wants to go viral, every and any time that comes up available to him, his work must give us plenty to talk about, he finds attention and makes sure to deposit it into whatever he might be doing, it might not cover a theme in particular, hell, his videos won’t even reference directly to the lyrics he is singing but accompanied by the right track, his visuals will make you wonder, “Who the hell is Tommy Cash?” which is everything he wants from us.

Wearing outrageous clothes, using special effects as if they were from, his videos are as surreal as we might think he is, never shy of using long hair and pretty funny facial hair, his videos find a way into our head making us wonder about his next move.

He’s not afraid

His new album, “¥€$” invites us to dance until our legs stop function, among his collaborators we can find names such as: Boys Noize, Amnesia Scanner, A. G. Cook and  Danny L Harle, he is not shy from big names, he even finds the strangest artists to collaborate and make a hit. From Catalan brothers Pimp Flaco and Kinder Malo to pop stars such as Charli XCX, she even named her latest album after he told her the name, Pop 2, Tommy Cash is a man who is not afraid of anything, he is not afraid to speak his mind, he is not afraid to look like anything we have seen before, and he is certainly not gonna ask about what is acceptable nowadays, he might even say that his best weapon is to surprise us and being outrageous.

He is one of those artists that we are sure are gonna inspire wild and crazy crowds amongst his concerts, full of millenials, dressed so nicely and in boga that you might miss whats trendy nowadays, his beats are as surprising as his persona, full of ups and downs, and surely he might even know the key for success, his work appeals the nostalgia from the early big parties, full of pure drugs and some of the most outrageous clothes the fashion world has come up.

His latest release, “X-Ray” is a fun track taking us back to the nineties to the never ending raves and the dazing and confusing memories we might be lucky we still have from those parties, the sound reminds us to The Prodigy, a full force trance from the nineties.